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Women of Faith Virtual Tour

The women in Nauvoo in the 1840s contributed to the social, economic, spiritual and family life of this vibrant and busy city. Their capacity to do good led to the formation of the Nauvoo Female Relief Society in 1842. Learn about the founding members through our new live virtual tour!

Remember, Nauvoo Historic Sites are currently closed to all in-person visits.  Only virtual tours are available.  See the schedule below.  For those interested in celebrating the Relief Society founding in March, please note that the Red Brick Store, owned by the Community of Christ, is closed. No on site events will be held. 

Nauvoo Exodus | 175th Anniversary

Each year on the first Saturday in February, Nauvoo Historic Sites hosts an event marking the first day of the Saints’ winter exodus from Nauvoo in 1846. The popular event, with a breakfast and parade and speeches at the edge of the Mississippi River, will not be held this year due to the pandemic. Instead, we have prepared a special video tribute to the pioneers and this beautiful town they left behind. Help us honor the 175th anniversary by watching it, sharing it on social media, and telling your ancestors’ story.

Welcome to Historic Nauvoo!

We have received many emails with questions about how to schedule an online tour! It’s easy!

Simply scroll down to the Live Video Tours section on this page and click “Schedule Today.” That will take you to our scheduling page, where you can select your language and then the tours you are interested in joining. You will have the opportunity to select your time zone and day of tour on subsequent pages.

You may schedule for one person or many. Entire families or classes or even wards or stakes or clubs or other groups are able to join a zoom tour.

Zoom tours are free, live, and interactive. Come with questions. Please note that screen shots or recording of the tours is not permitted, but you are welcome to share links to our website on your social media pages and share your thoughts and impressions about what you learned and experienced on your tour. Then come back for another tour later!

Also, check out this article about how virtual tours are being conducted at many Church History Sites.

COVID-19 Closure

Nauvoo Historic Sites, which includes Carthage, remain closed for physical tours due to COVID-19.

However, live video tours of many historic sites are available.

During your live video tour experience, you can expect to hear stories of the Saints who lived here, watch demonstrations of daily pioneer activities, and see restored or rebuilt homes and businesses from the 1840s.

​By clicking on the button below, you will be able to sign up to see a live video tour of one historic home at a time. We hope you will sign up to see them all! Each tour is guided by missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and conducted over Zoom in English. We also offer limited tours in Spanish and Portuguese.