Pendleton Home & School

LOCATION: 745 Kimball Street

As part of their faith, Latter-day Saints placed great emphasis on education. Many members in Nauvoo taught school in their homes or in civic buildings. Calvin Pendleton was well-educated and had good penmanship. He may have taught private lessons in his home, since he listed his occupation as a teacher. But the city also created a public school system that included common schools, secondary schools called seminaries, and a university.

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Pendleton Home & School
This replica log home was built in 1991 using hand-hewn logs from local timber sources to showcase the simple log homes that were common in Nauvoo. It was built in the general vicinity of Calvin Pendleton’s original home. He and his wife, Sally, lived here less than three years before heading west. Sally died at Winter Quarters in 1847, as did their second daughter. Calvin remarried and eventually settled in Parowan, Utah, where he became a respected civic and church leader.
Pendleton Home & School
The recommended curriculum for Nauvoo’s common schools came from the American Common School Society based in New York City. Teachers were paid a flat rate per student. Spelling, writing, and practical math were primary subjects. Eliza R. Snow enrolled 36 children in her common school class, ranging in age from 4 to 20.
Students used individual slates to practice spelling and math. A typical story problem might ask the student to add the cost of several items purchased in a shop.
Living Space
As was common in the 19th century, few people had only one occupation. In addition to teaching, Calvin practiced medicine and was a skilled blacksmith.
In a small log cabin, all available space would be used. In this case, a family bedroom is located upstairs.
Pendleton Home & School
Private schools focused on specific skills like penmanship, art, or music. University classes were few and the planned buildings were never built, but Latter-day Saints established a school system again when they settled in the Salt Lake Valley.
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