Lyon Drug &
Variety Store

LOCATION: 750 Hotchkiss Street

As a frontier city, Nauvoo depended on merchants to order and sell goods that could not be produced locally, including the latest fashions or tools and books from St. Louis or further east. Windsor P. Lyon and his brother, Carlos, established a store early in Nauvoo’s history.  Theirs was one of many in town, but it was the largest.

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Lyon Drug & Variety Store
The Lyon’s began with a wooden store on Main Street but replaced it in 1843 with a brick store at this location. It was acquired for restoration in 1970 and opened to the public in 1992.
Lyon Drug & Variety Store
Like many drug store owners, the Lyon brothers sold herbal or botanical remedies for illness, despite not having formal medical training. Healthcare was still quite primitive in the 1840s, but the Lord had revealed to Joseph Smith the general principles that remain valid today: avoid harmful substances like tobacco and alcohol but consume a moderate diet based primarily on fruits, herbs, and grains.
Lyon Drug & Variety Store
Lyon Drug & Variety Store
Dry Goods Variety Store
The dry goods available in the variety store could be paid for in cash or in kind, though cash was preferred. The display in this room shows items for sale and items, like wool, that were sometimes used to pay for them.
Dry Goods Variety Store
Dry Goods Variety Store
The Lyons
Windsor and Sylvia Lyon did not travel west with the Saints in 1846. Instead, they moved to Iowa City, Iowa, to help Windsor’s brother build a dam. Windsor died of tuberculosis in 1849. Sylvia remarried for a brief time before moving to Utah in 1854.
When the Lyon Drug Store was restored in 1992, an herb garden was installed with a wide variety of plants and even a squash-covered tunnel to walk through.
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