Riser Boot & Shoe

LOCATION: Main & Parley Streets

George and Christiana Riser arrived in Nauvoo in 1842 to learn more about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and were soon baptized in the Mississippi River. They built this home in 1843. George had been a successful cordwainer (shoemaker) in Ohio, and so he continued in that trade from the main floor shop.  His was one of 14 businesses selling shoes and boots that formed a union called the Boot and Shoe Makers Association.

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Riser Boot & Shoe
Although this building seems small, it was large for a shoe shop and George provided employment for others whenever possible. When it was time to leave for the Rocky Mountains, he was only able to sell the home for $130, a tenth of what it was worth.
Riser Boot & Shoe
Shoes were made by hand out of leather that was prepared by local tanners. The first step was to measure the wearer’s foot and then select a matching wooden form to build the shoe around. Several rounds of cutting, hand-stitching, gluing, and nailing were required to craft a sturdy shoe or boot in a variety of styles.
Riser Boot & Shoe
Tools on display in this shop are authentic reproductions of instruments used in the 1840s. Although Riser left Nauvoo with few resources, he opened a boot shop in a tent as soon as he arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in September 1847. He thus claimed to be the first shoemaker in the valley.
Riser Boot & Shoe
The Riser’s had nine children, six of whom lived to adulthood. They were prosperous enough that Christiana was able to support the family while George served a mission to their native Germany from 1853-55.
Riser Boot & Shoe
Riser advertised his business as “Cheap Boot and Shoe Manufactory.” His prices ranged from 45 cents for children’s shoes to $5.50 for men’s “fine boots.”
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