Scovil Bakery

LOCATION: Main Street

Lucius Scovil (1806-1889) and Lury Snow (1807-1846) married in Ohio in 1828, joining the Church together in 1836. They moved with the Saints to Kirtland and then Adam-ondi-Ahman before fleeing violence in Missouri. They eventually established a bakery in Nauvoo and became prominent members of the community. Lury died in 1846, two weeks after bearing twins who died three days before her.

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Scovil Bakery
This replica of the Scovil Bakery was built in 1982 on the original foundation of a building owned by Lucius Scovil. He and Lury and their three children arrived in Nauvoo in 1839. Like many Latter-day Saints moving to Nauvoo, they possessed little but worked hard to build their life and contribute to Nauvoo’s prosperity.
Retail Shop
Lucius was not a baker himself and likely contracted the work to others, selling the goods in this retail shop. The Scovil’s often donated profits toward the building of the Nauvoo Temple.
Tools of the Trade
On display here are typical tools of the baker’s trade in the 1840s, including a rolling pin and dough trough, cookie cutters, bread slicer, rolling flour sifter, spice boxes, butter molds, and more.
Fireplace and Ovens
Notice that the ovens to the right of the fireplace are not large. Some baking may have been done here and in the basement, but most was probably done elsewhere.
Opening Ad
The Scovil Bakery opened in 1843, advertising in the Nauvoo Neighbor the types of baked goods they offered and on what terms.
Kids with cookies
The bakery is a popular stop for visitors because everyone is offered a gingerbread cookie baked by the missionaries who serve as tour guides in the historic sites.
Basement Stairs
An oven was likely located in the basement.
Temple Plate
While serving as a missionary in England in 1846-47, Lucius commissioned thousands of plates like this replica featuring the Nauvoo Temple. The rim carries the names of the Twelve Apostles and other Church leaders at the time.
Scovil Bakery
The Scovils went West with the Saints in 1846, leaving the bakery behind. Lucius was called on a mission while on the trail, so his second wife, Alice, and six children stayed behind in Iowa until they could be reunited and finish their journey to Utah in 1850.
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Molasses Cookie Recipe

Now you can make the Scovil Bakery Molasses Cookies you love right in your own kitchen. Click on the PDF link or the recipe card.