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Nauvoo is a small community with no public transportation. Visitors need to drive at least a few miles to reach Nauvoo from an airport, bus depot, or train station. Nauvoo is generally easy to find with most GPS devices, but you are advised to review any mapped route before following it.

Carthage is about 23 miles from Nauvoo, a 30-minute drive. There is no public transportation between the two cities, so visitors need personal vehicles to get there. There are a few suggested routes; study the map in advance as cellular service on some stretches may be unreliable.

The Joseph Smith Historic Site, owned and operated by the Community of Christ, asks visitors who take their guided tour to pay a site preservation fee to help them maintain their historic buildings. We encourage visitors to consider taking this tour in order to learn more about Joseph's family life in Nauvoo and his descendants.

Nauvoo Historic Sites does not operate any restaurants or hotels.

You will find information about where to eat or stay on Nauvoo’s city website.

Lodging is available in Nauvoo and also in nearby cities like Keokuk and Fort Madison, Iowa. Please consult available online tourism sites for more information.

Most shows do not require tickets, and visitors will be seated as capacity allows. For The Promise and Love of the Savior, free tickets are available here. Only 5 tickets may be reserved per person. Those who try to reserve more will have all tickets canceled. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the show begins; otherwise, your tickets will expire.  A standby line will be available for those who do not have tickets. During the peak summer weeks, it will not be possible to accommodate all who wish to see a show.  We apologize for this but appreciate your understanding.   

Numerous movies covering topics about the history or people of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are available. Short films introducing Nauvoo run several times a day, but there are opportunities to request a showing of other films, as well. Large youth groups can reserve times and films in advance. See Group Info.

Some buildings are wheelchair accessible. Restrooms are accessible. However, to maintain the historical accuracy of the restored sites, we are unable to provide physical access to every venue. This website offers 360° virtual tours for the most popular buildings. You can also schedule a live video tour over Zoom for these sites.

There are no gift shops at Nauvoo Historic Sites.


The Community of Christ operates the Red Brick Store, which sells a variety of souvenirs and treats, and the Community of Christ Visitor Center offers books and other items for sale.


Private merchants along Mulholland Street and elsewhere in Nauvoo offer many souvenirs for sale.  For more information, see the city website.

Bus and RV parking is available at the Nauvoo Historic Sites Visitors’ Center.


If you are arriving by bus or RV, please note that Nauvoo has some very narrow streets. To keep everyone safe, the city restricts where buses and RVs can drive. Please learn the routes and obey all traffic rules.

For more information, consult the bus route map on the city website.

Picnic tables are located throughout Nauvoo Historic Sites for use by visitors. Please clean up after yourselves for the benefit of the next group to use the table.


Within Nauvoo Historic Sites, groups may gather in the picnic areas and open spaces around the Pioneer Pastimes activity pavilion. Groups may request a reservation for other spaces, as well. See the Group Info page.


The Nauvoo City park is open to the public. Several picnic areas are found along the Great River Road between Nauvoo and Keokuk, and various parks and shelters are available for a fee by reservations through third-party sites.

A variety of Christian churches other than The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have an active presence in Nauvoo. For an updated list, consult the city website.

Sacrament meetings are held in the Stake Center (380 N. Durphy St.) each Sunday.

Certified service dogs are welcome in the Visitors' center and historic sites. They are not allowed on the wagon or carriage tour and must be kept away from all livestock. Please have your certification on hand. Service dogs must be on a leash at all times, unless the leash interferes with a service animal's work. Excrement from service animals must be immediately collected by the handler and deposited in an outdoor trash receptacle.

Pets and comfort animals of any kind are NOT allowed in either visitors' center or in any of the historic sites and must especially be kept away from our horses, oxen, and other animals in the sites.

When taking pets into public areas near the historic sites, handlers must keep them on a leash and be respectful of other visitors by discouraging excessive barking or other distractive behavior. Owners are responsible for pet behavior and for cleaning up any excrement. Also be aware of Nauvoo City codes regarding pets.

es, we are happy to share our bread recipe; you may access it by downloading a PDF.

Yes, we are happy to share our bread recipe; you may access it by downloading a PDF.

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