John Taylor Home

LOCATION: Main Street

Born in Milnthorpe, England, in 1808, John Taylor was an apprenticed cooper and turner (lathe operator) as a teenager. He became a furniture maker but also a lay preacher in the Methodist Church. Emigrating to Canada in 1832, he continued to preach and make furniture. In 1836, he and his wife, Leonora, joined the Church and later emigrated to Nauvoo. John was ordained an apostle in 1838 and became a trusted associate of Joseph Smith, who asked him to manage the Church’s printing operations along with Willard Richards. These two men were with Joseph and Hyrum in Carthage Jail when they were murdered.  John was shot four times but survived. He became the third president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1880 and served until his death in 1887. 

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Taylor Home
The Taylor’s acquired this home (center) from James Ivins in 1845 as part of a larger purchase that included the adjacent print shop and dry goods store. They employed their nephew, George Q. Cannon, as an apprentice and housed his younger sister after their parents died. The Cannon children went west with the Taylor’s.
After the deaths of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, the Taylor home became an important meeting place for the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, as well as a hub of hospitality and safety.
Leonora Taylor was born on the Isle of Man, England, in 1796 but emigrated to Canada in 1831, where she married John. Known for being a kind and affectionate mother and faithful wife and friend, Leonora patiently hosted numerous guests in this home before the family left in 1846. They arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in September 1847, and she lived until 1868.
John Taylor was a powerful voice for the Church. He wrote poetry that inspired the Saints on the Mormon Trail, defended the Church against critics, preached doctrine, and bore witness of Joseph Smith’s ministry as a prophet of God.
John Taylor was many things in Nauvoo—editor, apostle, city councilman, Nauvoo Legion Judge Advocate, and more. He was instrumental in forming the Mercantile and Mechanics Association in 1845, a trade group of skilled artisans. He helped to settle disputes and build unity as the Saints worked to finish the Nauvoo Temple. As editor of the Times and Seasons newspaper, he called on members to send materials and funds to assist in that work.
Master Bedroom
All of the family rooms were on the second floor, including this master bedroom. While the artifacts in this room are not original to the home, they are a reminder of John and Leonora’s devotion to family life.
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
The shaving stand in this photo belonged to John Taylor but not while he lived in Nauvoo.
Children's Bedroom
John and Leonora had four children, but the youngest (Leonora Agnes) died before age 2 and did not live in this home.
Children's Bedroom
The antiques in this room represent the lives and interests of children in Nauvoo, but none of these furnishings belonged to the Taylor family.
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