Pioneer Memorial

Location: 175 Water Street

At the edge of Parley Street, a memorial statue to Joseph Smith and Brigham Young reminds visitors of the westward  migration, while a kiosk in the background displays the names of all known to have died on the Mormon Trail.

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Pioneer Memorial
In 1980, a bronze relief plaque was placed near the banks of the Mississippi River to honor the thousands of Latter-day Saints who traveled the Mormon Trail between 1846-1869.
Exodus to Greatness
A pavilion erected in 1996 around the memorial plaque lists the names of those known to have died somewhere along the 1,300 miles of the Mormon Trail.
Memorial Statue
This bronze statue depicts Joseph Smith and Brigham Young discussing plans for establishing colonies in the western territories of the United States.
Eyes Westward
While Brigham and Joseph likely never stood here, map in hand, to discuss a westward migration, the statue is a visual symbol of Joseph’s transfer of prophetic leadership to Brigham prior to the 1846 exodus from Nauvoo.
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