Welcome to Historic Nauvoo!

We have received many emails with questions about how to schedule an online tour! It’s easy!

Simply scroll down to the Live Video Tours section on this page and click “Schedule Today.” That will take you to our scheduling page, where you can select your language and then the tours you are interested in joining. You will have the opportunity to select your time zone and day of tour on subsequent pages.

You may schedule for one person or many. Entire families or classes or even wards or stakes or clubs or other groups are able to join a zoom tour.

Zoom tours are free, live, and interactive. Come with questions. Please note that screen shots or recording of the tours is not permitted, but you are welcome to share links to our website on your social media pages and share your thoughts and impressions about what you learned and experienced on your tour. Then come back for another tour later!

Also, check out this article about how virtual tours are being conducted at many Church History Sites.